The 10 Best Roblox Games of 2022 | Most Popular Games

Roblox is the most popular multiplayer online gaming. It has millions of downloads. Roblox provides a games creation platform that allows players to design and make their games. Roblox game is coded in Lua Language which is easy and understandable. Roblox has currently more than 100 million users.

In this article, you will know about The 10 Best Roblox Games of 2022. There are many Roblox games and we need time to play these games and decide which one is good or not. so read this article to know about The 10 Best Roblox Games of 2022.

Best Roblox Games

  • Royal High
  • Piggy
  • Adopt Me
  • Meepcity
  • Jailbreak
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Welcome To BloxBurg
  • Work At Pizza Place
  • Brookhaven RP
  • Prison Life

1. Royal High

Royal High is a world where you get to dress up, show off, and meet new friends every day and even every hour. In this game, you join with thousands of players, at a given time and they explore and share their lives with you. In this game, each player is a good schooler from a noble family who has god-gifted powers and abilities. Royal high has been played more than 7 billion times.

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10 Best Roblox Games of 2022

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2. Piggy

Piggy is one of the most popular games of Roblox games and this is a horror-themed game. in this game, there is a horror Evil piggy who tries to destroy all the survivors and on the other hand, all the survivors want to destroy the evil piggy to complete their task.

10 Best Roblox Games of 2022

3. Adopt Me

In this Game, Developers can make their studio develop their own game. They can design their own homes, Pets, Expoliring Island, And many other things. This is the most popular game of Roblox. Adopt me has 27 billion Visits and more than 100000 active users at any time.

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10 Best Roblox Games of 2022

4. MeepCity

Meepcity was launched in 2016. it is the oldest and one of the most popular Games Of Roblox. This is the first game to cross 1 billion users. in this game, You can interact with others, You can play different games. In this game, you can gain coins by selling items and you can use this coin to purchase pets houses, and many other things.

10 Best Roblox Games of 2022

5. JailBreak

Jailbreak is the most popular Roblox action game. This game is quite similar to grand theft auto. It’s one of the best and most Interesting Roblox games. You can play with your friends. In this game, you can choose the role of thief and cop. if you choose the role of cop then you have to protect the prison. if you choose the role of criminal then you have to escape from jail.

10 Best Roblox Games of 2022

6. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is one of the most popular games of Roblox and this game has been played by over 2 billion players. in this game Your role is simple. you have to Get yourself assigned: Innocents run and hide from the murderer, but also use their detective skills to expose and find out the  Murderer; the Sheriff works with the Innocents as only they can take down the murderer; the murderer is just trying to eliminate everyone and not get shot by the sheriff

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10 Best Roblox Games of 2022

7. Welcome To BloxBurg

Welcome to Bloxburg is the most popular virtual world game in Roblox. where you can live and work by choosing among several types of jobs available for you. many Players use their earnings to buy and customize their house to enjoy life and explore the city of Bloxburg with many new friends and even with partners. this game has been played 1.8 billion times.

10 Best Roblox Games of 2022

8. Work At Pizza Place

Work At Pizza Place is the fourth game to reach 1 billion users and this is one of the most popular games in Roblox. this game was released in 2008. In this game, players work in a pizza shop as delivery boys, cooks, cashiers to earn money to upgrade their characters and buy other items like pets, furniture.

10 Best Roblox Games of 2022

9. Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven is another popular RPG game on Roblox. In February 2021, it was the most popular game on Roblox it has crossed averaged over 500,000 players a day. In this game, You start in an open-world city where your character can get a job, purchase houses, pets, cars, bikes. In this game, you can do anything which you want from which.

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10 Best Roblox Games of 2022

10. Prison Life

Prison Life is a Prison themes game that was launched in 2014 this game has won the Bloxy Award in 2016 for having the maximum number of mobile users this game is based on prison life which makes it the most popular Roblox game.

10 Best Roblox Games of 2022

I hope that you will get the list of the 10 Best Roblox Games of 2022. if you want to add something to the list of 10 Best Roblox Games of 2022. Then you can comment in the comment section.

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