Top 10 Best Character in free fire | Best Character in free fire 2022

There are many characters in free fire but there is so many confusion to select the best 10 from all the characters that’s why I am picking the best character in free fire 2022. Which is more helpful to you in the game experience.

Free Fire is a brand in India and even in the world. It requires no introduction In the eSports or in the gaming industry. Free Fire is very good and competitive. A player can reach to the higher ranks depends on the characters which they pick along the way. Characters have become an very Interesting and important part of Free Fire. This article takes a look at the 10 best characters in Free Fire 2022.

Top 10 Best Character in free fire

  • Laura
  • Xayne
  • Clu
  • Hayato
  • Shirou’s
  • Jota
  • Moco
  • Skyler
  • kelly
  • Dj alok

10. Laura

Laura is also a best characters in free fire. Laura’s has a special survival skill. This increases her accuracy and survival time several times. Laura is one of the most amazing and popular players in Free Fire. Her skill is super helpful for newbie players. who are not able to control their aim properly and also who are new in the game. You can get the laure in the starting of the game from completing missions.

Best Character in free fire 2022

9. Xayne

Xayne is also a best characters in free fire. She is an extreme sports athlete player. She have an ability called ‘Xtreme Encounter’. At the level 1. Xayne provides 80 HP to the player and 40% increased damage to armors. After that at level 8 the damage is increased to 100%. And it becomes more dangerous to other player’s.

8. Clu

Clu is a modern-day private detective player in the garena. She is very Interesting and amazing characters in free fire. It is available in the store you can purchase it from diamond and you manke your gameplay better than other player’s.

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7. Hayato

Hayato is the most important character in Free Fire. He is also in the list of the Top 10 best character in free fire. He has a passive skill For instance, this skill is useful in increasing armour penetration. it does decrease maximum HP by 10% percentage at the earlier level. However at the maximum level the armour penetration is increased by 10% percentage on the cost of 10% decrease in HP.

Best Character in free fire 2022

6. Shirou’s

Shirou’s is the new and very interesting characters in free fire and he became a popular character in the game. . ‘Damage Delivered’ is the ability of Shirou’s which he posses. Shirou has a passive ability and also active ability which make him vey powerful in the game. His ability will mark the opponent who hits the player with 80m for 6 seconds. When the player counter-attacks, his/her first hit is boosted by 50%.

5. Jota

Jota is the very popular character among the shotgun player. Jota is very dangerous characters in the short range battle. Jota has a passive ability named ‘Sustained Raids’. He is usually preferred by players who use Shotgun preferred short range battle. He gain 40 HP after every kill from shotgun.

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4. Moco The Hacker

Moco is the hacker of the game. Moco is an outstanding hacker. Moco marks the enemies that are shot for 5 seconds in the earlier level and he can also share the information with their teammates. Player can easily locate the enemies and make strategy to kill them vey sharply.

Best Character in free fire 2022

3. Skyler

Skyler is the handsome characters in free fire and he is the game changer character for all the eSports player.Skyler has the ability to destroy gloo walls within a certain distance and he can destroy upto 3 gloo walls. He has a active ability which make it different from other characters.

Best Character in free fire 2022


Kelly is one of the oldest character in Free Fire and also the popular character. Dash is her ability. Kelly is the most second most popular characters of the player. At the maximum level, her speed increased by 5%. There is also an elite version of her, called Kelly the Swift. At the earlier level the speed of the Kelly is 1% but at the maximum level the speed of the Kelly is 6% which run faster than other characters.

1. DJ Alok ( Best Character in free fire 2022)

Dj alok is no 1 in the list of top 10 characters in free fire. He is one of the expensive characters in free fire and also demanded character. He stands at the top from the launch. He is the most popular character in Free Fire and players are still crazy for this character in India for free and even from the gold. His active ability, he can gain 5Hp every second for 10 second at the maximum level.

Best Character in free fire 2022

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i hope that you will get the best list of Best Character in free fire 2022 and if you want to share some information about the best character then you can comment in the comment section. If you want to follow us then you can join aur telegram group and also you can join our facebook group.

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