Classy Free Fire ID, Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Face Revel, Age, More

In this article, you will read about Classy Free Fire ID, Wiki, classy free fire uid, Biography, classy free fire real name, Net Worth, classy free fire income, classy free fire face, classy free fire age, and some different information about classy free fire so read this article to know more about the classy free fire.

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Who Is Classy Free Fire?

Classy free fire is one of the biggest free fire YouTubers in the Indian free fire community. He plays free-fire games on his Youtube channel. he plays with many popular YouTubers like 2B gamer, Tonde Gamer, and with more other YouTubers. Classy free fire does live daily for 5 or 6 hours He likes to play clash squad mode mainly and he pushes the rank for regional top 1.

Classy Free Fire ID, Biography, Net Worth

Classy Free Fire Biography.

The biography of the classy free fire is simple. His name is Prashant Rajput and his nickname is classy free fire also his youtube channel name is classy free fire. he belongs from India and he plays with their guild members on the live stream. his profession as a gamer is mainly to play free-fire games on his youtube channel.

Original Name Prashant Rajput
NicknameClassy free fire
Date Of BirthComing Soon
Birth PlaceComing Soon
Home TownNot Known
StateNot Known
ReligionNot Known
LanguageHindi, Nepali
Free Fire NameᴺˣᵀClassy☃️
classy free fire uid440751607
Free Fire Guildᴺˣᵀ

Classy Free Fire Youtube Journey

The classy free fire started his youtube journey in 2020 and he started to upload videos of free fire. he mainly uploads the free fire gameplay video and he completed his first 10k subscribers on 9 January 2020 and then he started doing a live stream on his channel and after 1 month and 10 days on 19 February 2020. he completes 50 thousand subscribers and his channel started to grow at a high rate. After 1 Month on 23 March, he completes 100K subscribers on his Youtube channel.

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After 10 days he completed 150 Thousand subscribers Now he has 980 thousand subscribers on his Youtube Channel and his channel has more than 100 Lacs views

Youtube Channel Classy Free Fire
First 10k subscribers9 JAN 2020
First 50k Subscribers19 FEB 2020
First 100k Subscribers23 MARCH 2020
Now Total Subscribers980k
Total Views100 lacs

Classy Free Fire Face Revel

Classy free fire means Prasant Rajput has not to reveal his full face but he reveals his half-face after completing his 100k subscribers on the Youtube channel. he does not conform to that when he reveals his full face and does a live stream with a face cam. the half face of classy free fire is given below.


Classy Free Fire Net Worth

classy has not revealed his monthly income and his net worth but based on some reports. the earning of classy free fire is around 50000 to 1 lac per month but this data is not correct it is only the estimated value of his youtube channel and based on the growth of his youtube channel.

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Classy Free Fire ID Stats

The level of classy free fire is 76 and he has more than 23000 likes he mainly plays clash squad mode so he pushes for regional top 1 in clash squad rank.

Classy Free Fire Social Media Handles


#1 This video is the first video of the classy free fire. when he started his youtube journey and this video have more than 32k views this video is a free-fire gameplay video and the title of the video is DEMO VIDEO There is a lot to see

#2 this is the first million views video on his chance. this video has crossed more than 2.3 million views.

what is the uid of classy free fire?

The uid of classy free fire is 440751607

What is the ingame name of classy free fire?

The ingame name of classy free fire is ᴺˣᵀClassy☃️.

What is the income of classy free fire?

The income of classy free fire is approx 1 lacs to 3lacs per month.


I hope that you will be happy to read about classy free fire and that you like it. if you want to know more about any other free-fire youtube then comment in the comment section. you can join us on the telegram group for more updates and you can also follow us on Facebook.

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