How To Do Top Up In Free Fire

Top Up In Free Fire

we all want To Do Top Up In Free Fire in our account is free but there is no any hack or any scripts by which you can get FREE TOP UP in a free fire game account. here I will share some steps and some ways to get the free top-up in your account these steps and ways will help you to get free diamonds.

we know Garena Free Fire is the best battle royal game. free fire gets more popular when PUBG Mobile was banned in India. The free fire company Garena is adding new skins of guns, loot crates, backpacks, vehicles, bundles, etc.

you can obtain these items using diamonds. free fire player complete events to get diamonds and also diamonds can purchase by using real money

Top Up In Free Fire Without Money

if you want to get free top-up in your free fire account you can follow steps by which you can get free top-up in a legal way and you can get also diamonds from Garena so follow these steps to get the free top-up in your game account.


  1. when an advance server is available on chrome then download the apk
  2. register on the website for access to advanced server
  3. Login with your Facebook account
  4. find bugs to get free diamonds
  5. Garena will give you free 100 diamonds in your account


If you want to get diamonds on watching free fire gameplay then you can download the free fire official booyah streaming app where free fire streamers are doing streaming of free fire and giving top-up to their spectators and some time they invite you in their lobby and giving top-up personally. so follow these steps to get the free top-up in your account.

  • open your google play store or apple store
  • search booyah app
  • Click on the download button to download it
  • register with your Facebook or Google account
  • follow same garena official streamer
  • watch their streams and participate in the chat group to get the free top-up
  • Top Up In Free fire


If you want free top-up based on your skills then you can play top-up giveaways custom on youtube which is organized by YouTubers daily in their live streams on youtube so follow these steps to join the custom of YouTubers

  • open your youtube app
  • search free fire live giveaways
  • open any stream and get the id and password of the custom room
  • play the custom and win the match
  • then message your game uid to the YouTuber
  • you will get a free top-up

Top Up In Free Fire

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Top Up In Free Fire Using Real Money

top up diamonds in the free fire game is very simple you can top up diamonds using your game diamond store in very few minutes. to do top up you can follow these steps in your free fire game so these steps are

  • Open your free fire game on your pc or mobile phone
  • login with your Facebook or Google accounts
  • go to the diamond store of free fire game
  • choose the plan which you want to do top-up
  • Click on the plan and click on the purchase option
  • choose a payment method to pay money for your diamonds
  • Click on the processing option and after processing
  • payment is done and back to your game you will receive diamonds in few seconds

Free  Double Diamond Top Up In Free Fire

there are so many websites or so many third party app for diamond top up but most of them are scammer if you top up with this website then your money will not be refunded and you will do not get diamonds in your account.

your free fire account may be banned by using these websites so you can first check the website authority and their security to do top up otherwise your account gets banned. here I will give some legal and officially authorized websites for a top-up in the free fire game so these websites are.

How To Do Top Up In Free Fire


Games hairdo is the official website of free fire from which we can do top up and get double diamond bonuses on the time top up from this website so follow these steps to do top up from here.

  • open your browse
  • search games kharido OR Click here
  • open the first websites
  • select the plan of diamond
  • enter your game uid
  • select a payment method and do payment
  • after few seconds diamonds will be added to your game account


Codashop is another website for a diamond top-up in free fire game. coda shop is the most popular website for a top-up for many games like clash of clan, pubg, call of duty, free fire, etc to do top-up from coda shop you can follow these steps.


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I hope that you will able to understand that how to do free top up in free fire game by a legal way and you will also understand that how to get free top u by using some other ways and some other method and I request you to read it carefully and share this article with your friend to help them and if you want to get unlimited diamonds in free fire then you can check this link which is given above.

In the end, I request you to visit this site for more information about free fire games and about other games like pubg, coc, Minecraft  and for the latest news about gaming and also for the gta ,among us.

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