How To Get Free Cp In COD Mobile100% Working Trick.

Call of duty is the most popular game it was released in 2019 in the mobile version. now it is available on android and ios both. Cod is now a competitor of other battleground games like free fire., battleground mobile India. Call f duty has more than 100 million downloads and this game has a current which is known as CP.

Cp is the game currency by using it players can purchase game items and everyone wants free cp in his account. so in this article, I will tell, you How To Get Free Cp In COD. Many many players want to buy cp but they have less money to buy it that’s why I am giving 4 ways to get free cp in Cod.

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How To Get Free Cp In COD

4 Way To Get Free CP In COD Mobile

There are many methods by which you can get free cp but the maximum are illegal and fake here I will share the top 4 methods which are legal and real from which you can get free cp in call of duty mobile. these are very simple and easy steps to get free cp.

Free Cp From Tournaments

If you are a very good player and if you want free cp in Cod then you can join tournaments of cod mobile. if you win the tournaments you can get 1000 or more than 1000 cp in your call of duty account. also, you can make your own squad to win all the tournaments.

Free Cp From Youtube

If you want free cp from youtube then you can join the youtube live stream and participate in giveaways and if you win the giveaways you will get the free cp in cod mobile. also, you can get gifts from youtube by watching their live streams.

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How To Get Free Cp In COD

Free Cp From App

There are m, any app which tel, that he will give you free cp in cod mobile but maximum are fake and illegal. by using those apps your id can be banned but there is one trusted and legal app that gives you real money and by using that money you can get free cp. so the name of the app is Google Opinion Rewards.

How To Get Cp From Google Opinion Rewards.

To get free cp in cod mobile you have to first download the app and login or register with your Gmail id and passwords after that you can participate in the survey and after completing of survey you will get a free doller in yu account. now you can use it to buy call of duty cp.

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Free Cp From Redeem Codes

you can get free cp in call of duty mobile using google play redeem code and here I will give you some redeem codes by using it you can get free cp in cod but firstly you have to know how to redeem the code in your account.

How To Get Free Cp In COD

How To Redeem Free COD Cp Codes

If you have code then follow these steps to get free cp in cod.

  • Open Your Call Of Duty Game
  • Log In with your Id And Password.
  • Go to the cp store section
  • click on the buy option
  • select the redeem cde payment option
  • enter the redeem code
  • you wil get free cp in your cod account

COD Cp Redeem Codes

  • GRGB RGBE GRBG Redeem The Code
  • RGEG H5WG Y4W5 Redeem The Code
  • YWE5 Y4WG Y4W5 Redeem The Code
  • 4YER HRHS RHRE Redeem The Code
  • RHRH H6HE RHES Redeem The Code
  • GWRG JRE4 E56U Redeem The Code
  • ERGE H6WE JJSA Redeem The Code
  • GGH5 BUU6 J67E Redeem The Code
  • 5U56 56U5 JY7J Redeem The Code
  • HERW HRRG JHHE Redeem The Code
  • TGGR HGRT JHTY Redeem The Code
  • RGRT HYTH RGRT Redeem The Code
  • RGHRT THRT HTRH Redeem The Code
  • RHRT JY6J ERR5T Redeem The Code
  • H RTH HRHR RR54 Redeem The Code
  • GYH6 H5ER H65Y Redeem The Code
  • HRTH RHRH RTH5R Redeem The Code
  • HGRH JUJR HJ5H Redeem The Code
  • RTGH H5RE H56H Redeem The Code
  • RHRH H56H HRTH Redeem The Code
  • RTHRT RHRT THRTH Redeem The Code
  • H4EG YJYUR RYNR Redeem The Code
  • RTHTR UM67 H5NR Redeem The Code
  • RHY5 76J4 UJ67U Redeem The Code
  • GV4T H5656H 56H54 Redeem The Code
  • 45YB Y54YN YN454 Redeem The Code
  • 54Y54 54Y54Y 5Y45 Redeem The Code
  • 54Y45 U65U H56Y Redeem The Code
  • YHYY J76J J67M Redeem The Code
  • U65UN 6U 6U Redeem The Code
  • 6U65U UJ6U5 U65U5 Redeem The Code
  • R5Y6 JJU7 6UY6 Redeem The Code
  • 45Y5 H65N UMUTR Redeem The Code
  • HR6U IK456 6U56U Redeem The Code
  • 5YJ 6U6M5 6UU5 Redeem The Code
  • 56UJ IKI4R 567K Redeem The Code
  • 5YJU 6UK65 67IK67 Redeem The Code
  • U67UI UI6K,IO5 67M Redeem The Code
  • 6U65UM6 6U6U Redeem The Code
  • Y65U U67KU76 5UM6 Redeem The Code
  • YBYY Y454 Y45Y Redeem The Code
  • 5Y4J45 Y54Y4 Redeem The Code
  • YN54YN 45YNY54 Redeem The Code
  • 5Y4 Y4JN5 YNY5 Redeem The Code
  • RTHRT 6UNU UNU Redeem The Code
  • UYNU UJ76 U76 Redeem The Code
  • 6U6 UJ6UU6U656U Redeem The Code
  • U65JM 6UKU6 FRFG Redeem The Code
  • G4Y 4THY Y5444 Redeem The Code
  • SDBRG GHBHR RTHN Redeem The Code

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In this article, you have to know How To Get Free Cp In COD with a 100 % working trick. also, you had to get a free redeem code of cp and if you do not get it then you can visit this site after 1 hour you will get a new redeem code for free cp in cod mobile.

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