How To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire In 2021

To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire. There are many steps or method in this article we will see how to get unlimited diamonds in a free fire to maintain our free fire id like a pro player so let’s see how to get free diamonds in the free-fire but there are no hacks to get unlimited diamonds in the free fire

In Free Fire there are the best skins While some of the skins are given for free by events related to many festival occasions, most of the skins are paid for which we require Diamonds to buy the skins. Though diamonds can be bought by using money

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Free Diamonds In Free Fire

If you are looking for unlimited free diamonds, then it’s practically impossible. But using some method or steps, you can generate up to 999999 diamonds. In this article, we shared some cool methods or steps to get 100000 diamonds. Those are almost legal. and these method or steps are


Google opinion reward

it is the app of google in this app you have to just participate in the survey and after completing the survey you will get some dollars in your account and you will easily withdraw and get the unlimited diamond in your free fire id and to download it follow these steps

  • To download the google play reward follow these steps :
  • Go to play store of your mobile or tab
  • type google opinion reward and search it
  • you will see the first app and download it
  • after download sign up and participate in a survey to get doller in your account


    How To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire

Free Fire Airdrop Bundle To Get Unlimited Diamonds

As you know there is practically impossible to get unlimited diamonds but we can get diamonds in just 29 or only 10 rupees. you can get unlimited diamonds applying this trick. so to get unlimited diamonds you can follow these steps.

  1. create an account in free fire
  2. play a classic game in your new account
  3. take down a minimum of 10 players in a single match
  4. make the match booyah
  5. you will get a 10 rs special airdrop in your new account
  6. after payment, you can gift some items in your real account in which you want

How To Get Free Real 99999 Diamonds

This is an interesting topic that “How to get free real 99999999 diamonds”. So many people want free diamonds in their id. In this method, you will learn some trick to get unlimited diamonds for free in your real account

As we told you earlier, we don’t share any hack we share only some method or steps to get Free Fire diamonds. We share some tricks to arrange online money to buy free diamonds without spending money from you & your parent’s pockets. By this method, you will get Free Fire unlimited Diamonds for free. so follow these steps to get free fire diamonds in your account

  • you can download online money making apps like winzo,mpl, Roz Dhan, Dhani
  • you can make money by creating your cricket team on many apps like dream 11, my 11 circles, fantasy cricket
  • you can get diamonds by participating in giveaways

Best Legal Method To Get Unlimited Diamonds

If you are looking for unlimited diamonds in Free Fire using the hack. Then there is impossible to get unlimited diamonds you are absolutely wrong, you can’t hack free fire because the server of free fire is highly protective. It’s not an easy job to hack the Free Fire server.

there is the only way to get unlimited diamonds is top up and airdrops by paying money but there are some trick and methods to get extra diamonds

  • membership
  • booyah app

Free Fire Membership

you can purchase weekly or monthly membership in your account and after purchasing you will able to collect 60 diamonds daily and when there is the end of your subscription you get a message from the google play store is that to continue this subscription you just click on the continue option and then you get free diamonds for next 5 days and after getting diamonds you have to delete the Gmail from which you purchase the subscription by this method you will get 800 diamonds in just 160 rupees

How To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire

Get 100% Bonus From Games Kharido

It is an official diamond top-up center of Free Fire. In which you can get an extra and double diamonds bonus for a first-time top-up. It also offers cashback on pay using Paytm google pay. It gives a 2x diamonds bonus for the first time on every diamond top-up only for Facebook linked accounts only. and will also get some extra diamonds after the first top-up

Steps for doing top-up from Gameskharido

  • Open your google chore or any browser
  • search games
  • open the first link and enter your game id
  • enter your amount and diamonds
  • after payment, you receive double diamonds in your account

How To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire

Get diamonds from the booyah app

Booyah app is the official app of Garena where streamer doing their live streaming and donating diamonds and many others things like DJ ALOK, JERSEY, CHRONO, and many other things . from there we can get unlimited diamonds daily. so let see that how to get unlimited diamonds from the booyah app.

  • open google play store and search booyah app
  • download the app and sign up
  • follow some officials streamers
  • watch their stream to get diamonds

Level up pass to get 800 diamonds

In the free fire game, you find the level up pass from which you get 800 diamonds in just 160 rupees there is some criteria to get 800 diamonds and the criteria are

  • your level is must be 30 or above
  • you have not purchased it from any other websites

Get redeem code For free Unlimited diamonds

Redeem code is another method of getting diamonds in the free-fire here we see that how to get unlimited redeem code for getting diamonds. you can get redeem code by purchasing from the google play store is going in redeem code section you can purchase a minimum of 110 rupees of redeem code from here and by using Paytm you can purchase any amount of redeem code like 10,20, and max but if you want to get it free you follow these steps

  1. Share this link
  2. comment your uid
  3. come on this website daily at 6 am to get it free

Free fire Advance server

Before any ob update, free fire advance server is launched and the size of the ak is almost the same as the real free fire like 712 MB here there are some limited slots to enroll and get access to advance server. in the advance server of free fire, you will see the upcoming update and new items which are introduced in-game after ob update and in the advance server you get unlimited diamonds in free and if you find a bug or any mistake in the advance server of free fire you get 100 diamonds in you real account here is the steps to join the advance server

  • Go to the official link of free fire advanced server
  • register via your Facebook or google
  • submit the request
  • after some time or days go will get a code for access in advance server


In this article, we see that how to get  unlimited diamonds in free fire from different method and different steps and I hope that you will able to get diamonds for free and if you have some questions then you can join our telegram group for further update and daily custom giveaways thank you

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