V Badge Code In Free Fire:100% Working Trick

In this article, we will that how to get a V Badge In the Free Fire game. Garena free fire is a popular battle royal game. free fire has millions of users. in this game, so many items make the free-fire player profile better than other players.

v badge code is one of the rarest items in the free-fire which makes the player different from other free-fire players. If you want to know the trick from which you can get a V Badge In Free Fire free, read this article and apply the method to get a V Badge In Free Fire

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What Is V Badge In Free Fire?

v badge in free fireis an official badge of garena free fire. If a player gets a V Badge Free In Fire fire it means that garena has verified that player as an influencer, esports player or the player is in their partner program, booyah partner program.

Those players which have the V badge in their account which means that he is the special or pro players for garena free fire and V badge player get different types of reputation and many other free fire advantages.

V Badge In Free
how to get a v badge in free fire

How to get V Badge In Free Fire?

There are many criteria from which you can get a v badge free fire code in the game. if you want to get a V badge from Garena then you have to full fill their requirements. The criteria which are required to get V Badge Free In Fire are given below.

  • V badge via Free fire official tournaments
  • v badge via free fire partner program
  • The trick to getting v badge free fire copy

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Free Fire Official Tournaments.

Garena free fire organizes many free fire official tournaments In the official tournament, many teams are participating and some of them qualify for the next round. Like in FREE FIRE WORLD SERIES 12 teams are qualified for the finals but only one team will the final. and win the prize pool.

In the free fire official tournament. if a player performs their best and wins the tournament then garena gives him a verified v badge in their free fire account and if you want to get V BADGE FOR FREE then read the article.

V Badge In Free

Free Fire Partner Program

The free fire partner program is another way from which you can get an official V badge from garena free fire. all the free fire partner program members have this V badge on their free fire account. all these members are verified from garena and they are getting benefits of the free-fire partner program.

if you want to join the free-fire partner program and want their benefits. also want the verified V badge in their account then These are the following Criteria from which you can join in the free-fire partner program.

  • vibrant youtube channel with 1o0000 subscribers
  • 80% free fire content in the last 30 days
  • minimum 300000 channel views over the last 30 days
  • consistency in social media and content quality
  • clen, nonoffensive, and engaging content
  • passion for gaming and drive to succeed together
  • professionalism and willingness to work hard

If you fulfill their requirements then you can apply from this link click here

Trick To Get V Badge In Free Fire Account

There is a trick from which you can get V Badge Free In First for free without playing any garena tournaments and without joining the free fire partner program. so the trick is that you have to paste a code in the free-fire profile setting. you will get the v badge in the free fire.

There are many types of codes from which you can get the v badge in different colors and also your name in different colors. so the codes of the v badge are given below you can get more codes from our telegram group join the telegram group click here


free fire v badge code For Free

  • Verified (V) Badge Golden Color Code : [b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
  • Verified (V) Badge Red Color Code : [b][c][ff0000]Ⓥ
  • Verified (V) Badge Pink Color Code : [b][c][ff00ae]Ⓥ
  • Verified (V) Badge Violet Color Code : [b][c][b400ff]Ⓥ 
  • Verified (V) Badge Blue Color Code : [b][c]0600ff]Ⓥ  
  •  Verified (V) Badge Green Color Code : [b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
  •  Verified (V) Badge v badge code yellow colour : [b][c][FFFF00]Ⓥ 
  •  Verified (V) Badge Orange Color Code : [b][c][ff9c00]Ⓥ 
  • Verified (V) Badge Light blue Color Code : [b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
  •  Verified (V) Badge Parrot green Color Code : [b][c][bfff6d]Ⓥ
  •  Verified (V) Badge Scarlet blue Color Code : [b][c][00c6ff]Ⓥ

b(c)(ffd319 ⓥ 0600ff) v badge code

[b][c][ffd319]ⓥ[0600ff] v badge code

How To Copy V Badge Code

IF you want to add a v badge to your free fire account then you have to know how to copy the v badge code and paste the code into your free fire account. so follow these steps to get a free fire v badge in the account

STEP 1 Long press the code and select the code and copy the code which color you want.

STEP 2 Open the free fire game and go to the profile section and open the profile setting.

STEP 3 Go to the Basic and paste the code in the signature box and you can also write some additional text in the box like your name.

STEP 4 Save the changes and you will get the v badge in the free-fire account but this v badge is not the verified badge of garena free fire


can esports players get a v badge in the free fire?

Yes if the player is a part of a tournament-winning team.

What is the code for the V badge in the free fire?

The code for the v badge in free fire is b(c)(ffd319 ⓥ 0600ff) v badge code

can youtube creators get a v badge in the free fire?

Yes a youtube creator which has 100000 subscribers and 300000 views in 30 days can get a v badge in free fire


I hope that you will be able to get a V badge in your free fire account and also know how to get the v badge from garena free fire if you want to know more about the free fire game. If and want diamonds and an elite pass for free then you can join us on the telegram group and Facebook group

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